With MilfordSoft Data Recovery – personal license, you can recover deleted data and recover lost data from lost partition and damaged partition or recover lost photo in Windows non-server operating systems. Personal license allows using all functions of MilfordSoft Data Recovery, like Load Previous Recovery Result and recover lost data from dynamic volumes, including mirrored volume, striped volume, spanned volume, and RAID-5 volume. This license is just designed for noncommercial and personal use. If you want to use MilfordSoft Data Recovery in commercial environment, you have to register a commercial license. For more information, visit here.

Hot Price: $59.00

Data Recovery Functions:

  • Recover deleted files and folders
  • Recover data from damaged partition
  • Recover data from inaccessible hard drive
  • Recover data after re-partition
  • Recover data from a crashed hard drive
  • Recover data after an MBR corruption
  • Recover data after reinstalling windows
  • Recover data from formatted partition with original path and filename
  • Recover photos from memory card
  • Recover music and video from iPod
  • Recover data from Windows Dynamic Disk Volume

(Spanned Volume, Stripped Volume, Mirrored Volume and RAID5 Volume)