That a partition is formatted by accident is a serious data loss problem. And “Unformat Recovery” module is able to recover all data from the formatted partition. And in another situation where a partition becomes inaccessible due to soft faults such as viruses, this module can also function. When encountering the issue that the OS prompts you to format a partition or storage device, we can also use this module to recover lost data.After clicking “Unformat Recovery” module in the starting interface, we’ll see the following interface.
Two styles are provided to scan the formatted or logically damaged partition: “Open” and “Full Scan” (marked with red box). You can use “Open” function to scan the formatted partition quickly. If the files to be recovered are found, you can recover them directly; but if they are not found, you should return to this interface again and use “Full Scan” to search for the formatted data. When storing recovered data, please don’t store them to the formatted partition, for this will overwrite formatted data and impinge on data recovery effect.(Screen shot of Unformat Recovery module)